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Social Media Plan


With locations with multiple cities, we would want setup a personal IG account to the one that’s most consistent and bringing in high volume. Following this, we will be able to list a direct contact email, number as well as specific discounts for that location.  In the case of more than one location that needs detailed attention, we will assign a specific IG page for that business. This will include a business that is in need of help in boosting sales, fixing complaints that we can visually show we are listening or helping due to location placement. Instagram is great for attracting the age groups of 21 – 35 years of age.

1.     3 – 4 post a day on each Clients IG page

·       A morning post that would include a free drink, % off, New item and so on

·       An afternoon post would consist of a repost of an image from a customer as well as product shot of either the business, meal or drink.

·       For the evening, a post that would show an upbeat lifestyle that would attract a demographic that would best fit the location as well as introducing new customers           ( detailed Food, Drinks, Attire, and individuals that would attract more people )


2.     Reaching out to Social Media stars. Celebrities, Models & Bloggers ( 25K – 1 million+ followers )

·       With existing and new locations, we would want to create a social media frenzy. IG users who follow these high volume Social Media stars usually follow all their friends. Seeing these individual’s pop-up throughout their feeds, either the same night or sporadically through the week at a location, will drive the interest in their followers wanting to be where the people they follow show up and eat.

·       A simple goal would to get at least 2 - 3 of these social media stars at different locations throughout the week. During a grand opening or special event ( Sporting Events, Nearby concerts, holidays and birthdays ) we would want to attract as many beautiful faces and high volume bloggers to attend that night. We would provide a set time for each guest so the event grows through the night and eventually looks full. This will help in the overall outcome of spreading the word with press from different popular accounts as well as maintain a certain vibe and popularity. More followers for us, more customers for the restaurant.


3.     Contact your local customer and know your audience

·       Social Media allows us to view people who live or work nearby. We can simply type in a city or business as well as search previous customers who have enjoyed a meal or drink with one of our restaurants or bars before. We can leave a sweet comment and thank you that would entice them to want to return.

·       With each post, we have to assume we will receive a direct message or comment regarding the content of the post. This would range from questions about the restaurant or bar, reviews ( complaints and compliments ) Regardless of what the direct message or comment may be, contacting and replying to those will also show that we interact with our customers. We strive to solve their problem or thank them.


4.     Instagram ads leading into Facebook ads

·       You are able to connect Instagram ads to Facebook ads. Tracking clicks and demographics for each restaurant and bar & grill, which could increase followers ( new customers )  specific to certain locations. Each ad must be detailed with all vital information. The right photographs and well written sales point.



Facebook is great for tracking ads as well as check in’s. It’s also great for getting to know the demographic that could tie into Instagram marketing. The age group could range from 25 – 45+ years of age. Unlike Instagram, we can have a set Facebook page for each business that has multiple locations. This will help in using Facebook ads and utilizing them to the most and keep them cost efficient. We also would want to take advantage of the 3 ways we could post an ad: Single, Single Video and Slideshow.

5.     Facebook Ads

·       Creating a Facebook ad not just for special events or holidays, but as well as for drink and food specials, introducing people in a different area or locally. With Facebook ads, we can track all clicks and location of clicks. This information is vital in finding where to send our ads for a higher click rate as well as receiving check in’s.

·       Single image ads should be used with flyers only. Happy Hour, Bottomless Mimosas Sundays and so on. All information will be listed over a graphic or simple text form. This will be the fastest and efficient way of getting a quick ad out promoting occurring the same day or within 2 days.

·       Single video will prove to be efficient. We would ultimately want to show the atmosphere. Customers enjoying themselves, music, food, drinks as well as all the B-roll footage ( this would offer a more lifestyle and inviting video ) As events increase as well as large parties hosting an engagement, We would want to keep a videographer on hand for that night. This will further help in engaging with new customers with what the bar and lounge offers.

·       When using slideshow, it’s great in showing off items off the food and drink menu. We could show a new drink that was made for the night, event or simply a new house cocktail. For food, we can show our top sellers, one day offers and again, new in house breakfast, lunch and dinner items. We’ll be able to describe the ingredients and/or sides included along with a detailed photograph. Another use for slide show could be to incorporate a video of the chief making the email along with finalized photo with a beautiful face enjoying the meal. As we move forward and pursue new ideas, will be able to expand on each of these promotional ads.

·       Tracking each ad is very important. We need to view each published ad in order to make any changes that will benefit the outcome. We want to reach the right audience for the right restaurant or bar.

Following this outline will prove to be beneficial in helping increase a social media presence that would go hand in hand with the Zao Brand. We will be up to date with current events ( no political views should ever be posted ) while increasing our following. With an increase in followers, we will keep them informed with everything listed above in the outline. New followers lead to new customers and we want them to keep returning. We also want to keep the vibes of each restaurant up to par with the location and customer base. Introducing Spotify will be a great way to attract different crowds at different times, keeping a restaurant busy throughout the day and evening.

Along the way, we should introduce QR codes to keep track of all promotions. This will include a street team that carry QR discount cards, QR code flyers along with email blast. This will go hand in hand with our social media marketing and tying into the email blast. 

Email Marketing Plan

The objective is collecting emails on a daily basis for each restaurant and bar & grill. Gathering emails can come from cold calls, grand openings, special offers that require emails, purchases and so on. Legally, we can collect emails as long as the customer is notified and informed and takes it out of the category of being spam. Following a few small steps, will be able to collect emails and keep a steady track of customer being brought into each restaurant and bar.


1.     Purpose for Email Marketing

·       We want to generate page views for the online site as well as for our Social media.

·       A main goal is to achieve more sale with each client. When gathering emails, make sure they are applied to the right list in MailChimp and something that will appeal to that person. Survey work really well to determine this.

·       We want to develop a trusting relationship with potential customers. We want to stay on the top of potential customer’s minds, so we’re the first choice when a customer is looking for their next meal or drink.


2.     Gathering Emails

·       For every grand opening, we would want to inform the staff to have a specific sign in sheet with an IPad or paper hard copy when filling in their names on table wait list. Whether we’re using an iPad, iPhone or paper hard copy, we want to make sure that customers name will be added to right list. If using an iPad, we can have MailChimp open as the sign in sheet and will automatically add a customer’s email to the restaurant or bar they are currently at.  

·       Using social media to gather emails is another way to add to our list. We can add special QR codes that will require an email. When offering a special, in order to obtain it, will need an email. Will let them know that we will send them special offers that can be used for their next visit.

·       Street team. Holding iPad’s and gift cards offering a free drink or meal coupon. We will have open the MailChimp add and set to the specific client we are marketing for. We will hand out these coupons in exchange for their emails. The emails will thus be added again to the specific restaurant and bar.


3.     Included in Emails

·       Discounts. When sending an email blast, we would want to send more often, discounted coupons. Each restaurant email blast would include a deal for the day, week or month. We don’t want to bombard customers with flyers they really might not have use for. They’re more likely to open an email with a heading that includes the words free, discount, buy 1 get one free.

·       The occasional event flyer. If on track, we will not seem pushy or over the top. We want to keep customers, not have them unsubscribe. We would want to make sure we are also sending to the right crowd. This could be anywhere from age groups to the local neighborhood. Mention in the social media plan, introducing QR codes to an email blast can be very beneficial in tracking where a specific discount is being used, but also who is using it. With the information gathered from this, we can determine when and what we can send them, and assign them into sub folders within a restaurant.

·       Every time we send an email blast, we want to come off as a friend. We can introduce them pictures and videos of staff and meals being prepped at their favorite places to eat and drink. With certain nights, we can send them an email that would allow them to have a polaroid taken have photo booths and Polaroids. A keep sake that they can take with them. This will also result in a social media presence.


4.     Tracking & Following up with Emails

·       Tracking the progress of our emails is very important with collecting data in which we can use every time a new blast goes out. Our goal is to keep unsubscribes to a very low number per blast. This ties into previous instruction in keeping each email blast friendly and beneficial to the customer.

·       When email blast go out we need to be sure to writ back as soon as possible. In some cases, it might be an email wanting to be unsubscribed which should be handled right away. This can lead to abuse reports that can end up having an account shut down. We should also respond quick and in a friendly manner to anyone with question regarding booking, hours and simply hello.


5.     Mobile friendly emails

·       Implement responsive email design. Creating a responsive email design that the user experience is optimized regardless of the device or screen they use. MailChimp offers this solution within their email functionality. We should always send a test email to be sure of quality through a mobile device.

·       Keep the subject line short. The subject line is crucial. Keep it short so the customer knows exactly what the email topic is about. And the pre-header text. Don’t let it go to waste. Summarize the email or include a call to action.

·       Mobile device varies in size. A text link may work on a tablet or larger screen, you might be alienating your readers who have a smaller screen. if our call to action is too small, will need to make the call to action, big, bold and simple to click.